Hi, this is Amar Krishna Jha and welcome to the Digital For Elephants website. I’m excited this has become a reality.

I’ve spent way too many hours on the Internet till 2017. And I’m sick of get rich quick schemes, and information that’s mostly fluff. I am sick of people promising to make you a ninja and expert digital marketer for few thousand bucks with their courses. I am sick of ones spoiling the digital marketing industry by selling likes & followers, promising faster results than domino’s can deliver pizza at rates cheaper than a matchstick or wheat. I am sick of agencies faking it and taking clients for ride. I am sick of …everything that’s not right.

If you’ve been bouncing around the Internet and, like me, you’re tired of bombastic, crappy (yes, crappy) information, your search will end here. This will be the website that will give you level-headed information.

The reason I set up this blog was to make sure you get the best possible information on topics such as marketing strategy, customer retention, Internet marketing, advertising, social behaviour, etc. that will make sure you learn how to do NO-FAIL online marketing.

Many “Digital Marketers”, Solopreneurs, Business Owners don’t realize that more important of those 2 words is “Marketing“. You cant be a digital expert on anything without being domain expert.

Digital For Elephants is where you’ll find everything you need to know about the wild and wonderful aspects of marketing & digital mediums. And yes, there’s entertainment sometimes because Marketing is FUN!

My mission is to help you create breakthroughs in your journey of becoming the best Digital Marketer you could possibly become.

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A little on Why “Digital For Elephants”

We all know Elephants are associated with Hindu GoD Ganesh, the GoD of beginnings. The Elephant is a symbol of chance & fate. Now that your fate has got you here and given you a chance, let this be a new beginning!

More on Elephants & how marketers should be like elephants later.

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