I have noticed most digital marketers trying to find popular FB groups on DM. It’s true even for blogs. DM blogs are consumed mostly by DM guys.

But this is what you need to do if you are looking to find your prospects on social media

1️⃣ Find groups of people that fit your ideal client. Helps if you have a niche & you must have it in today’s time imo. OR heck, just make one. It’ still not too late 

2️⃣ Post valuable content on a regular basis

3️⃣ Answer questions that people ask in the group

4️⃣ Invite similar people into the group (grow the group, show the admins you’re investing into it)

5️⃣ Do fun giveaways in the group based on comments/engagement on your post (if allowed)

For example, if your target client is a real estate agent then find Facebook groups catering to real estate agents. Post some valuable content in the group (no asks, just content); answer questions related to your field of expertise, and invite more real estate agents into the group so that you’re growing the group.

If your target market is local small business owners, then follow the same formula.

You will find their pain points and can offer a solution.

Since we’re all marketers and storytellers, make sure your posts you make in the group really stand out with great content & value.

Your content will attract the right prospects just by you being you. 🙂

Think out of the Dabba 😋

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